Justin's life was changed by The Helmsman Project 

By supporting The Helmsman Project you are making a real difference in the lives of young people like Justin attending high school in disadvantaged areas. But in order to help more young people we need financial support too. 

Justin says The Helmsman Project has made a world of difference in his life. Not only did it have a profound impact on him, it has had a lasting impact on his school and community.  Read Justin's story here.

Justin would love more young people in his community to be able to take part in the life-changing Helmsman Project.​​​​​​​ Please make a tax-deductible gift to The Helmsman Project Appeal before 30 June.​​​​​​​ Your gift will make a world of difference for another young person in Western Sydney! 

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    We work with disadvantaged Year 9 boys and girls who, for many reasons, may not otherwise have the support they need to unlock their potential. They are often at risk of disengaging from school or otherwise becoming involved in negative circumstances.

    Without help, many of these young people can get caught in a vicious cycle of disadvantage. The Helmsman Project, in collaboration with parents, carers and teachers, is committed to reaching out to these young people and giving them the skills they need to build better communities and a brighter future. ​​​​​​​


    Over the course of two school terms, young people engage in one-on-one coaching and group activities that help them navigate through life’s challenges and achieve their goals. Each week, participants take part in hands-on experiences under the guidance of our qualified and experienced coaches, where they stretch their limits, build their confidence and develop skills that will last a lifetime.

    "This wonderful program unearths hidden strengths and talents, which my students will take with them into their adult lives. Any program that encourages individuals to work with others to give back to society is of benefit to all of us; and The Helmsman Project does this in the most amazing ways."

    School principal, Western Sydney


    As part of the program, students work on a community project of their choice.

    They work in small groups to design and implement a project that will make a difference in their community. This may be a community garden, a charity awareness day, a video to support new students or anything else they feel will impact others in a positive way. They engage in two interactive skills workshops with qualified coaches to enhance their learning

    Students then pitch their idea to The Helmsman Project for a chance to be awarded up to $1000 in funding for their project. This involves developing a viable concept and budget, then presenting it to a panel of judges. It’s designed to help students apply the lessons they’ve learned during the program and get job ready by developing project management, time management, presentation and teamwork skills.